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Barricor SP

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Barricor SP

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Product Overview

Affordable Innovation for Frequent Maintenance Applications on Complex Surfaces

With the changing business environment (including regulatory pressures), Barricor® - SP offers a better option for high-frequency, low-impact maintenance services. Barricor uses a solid particle (SP) formulation technology that provides outstanding performance on complex surfaces and allows the active ingredient to remain more bioavailable to pests. Barricor also has no signal word, requires no personal protective equipment, and it is available at a similar cost per home to economy pyrethroids. Maybe it’s time to consider saying bye-bye to bifenthrin and letting Barricor – SP help elevate your maintenance business from the ground up.

Key Features

  • Broad-spectrum liquid concentrate – ideal for frequent maintenance applications
  • Solid particle (SP) formulation technology offers outstanding performance on complex surfaces
  • Similar cost per home to economy pyrethroids
  • No signal word and no PPE

Key Benefits

  • SP formulation technology performs on complex surfaces like mulch, gravel and concrete, allowing the active ingredient to remain more bioavailable to pests
  • Offers efficacy at low dose rates
  • Affordable innovation – one bottle services approximately 128 homes at a similar cost per home to economy pyrethroid formulations
  • No signal word and no PPE means technicians can wear short sleeves*
*Always comply with state and company policy regarding PPE.

Use & Control

Apply in areas that may be conducive for pest activity or where pests have been observed or can find shelter.
  • On residential, commercial and recreational areas of turf
  • On ornamentals in landscapes and interior plantscapes
Indoor pests: Ants*, carpenter ants, cockroaches, house flies and spiders
*except pharaoh, fire & harvester ants
Outdoor pests: American cockroaches, ants*, carpenter ants, ants, harvester ants, house flies and Turkestan cockroaches
*except pharoah

Always read and follow label instructions. See the product label for a full list of pests controlled.

COR3 Program

The COR3 program, featuring Barricor SP, Merit® and Tetrino®, delivers the same principles of efficacy, affordable pricing and enhanced insecticide resistance as other programs while also controlling a host of other lawn insects at the same time.

  • Control of a broad range of pests
  • Enhanced resistance management
  • Up to 90% reduction in pyrethroid use compared to standard bifenthrin
  • Lower active ingredient load while providing similar efficacy and affordability


Where can I purchase Barricor SP?

Barricor is available through the following authorized agency partners: Forshaw, Oldham, Pest Management Supply, Target, and Univar Solutions.

What is Barricor SP?

Barricor is a new GIC liquid concentrate from Envu. It features a new formulation technology with deltamethrin as the active ingredient. The SP in the name is short for Solid Particle formulation. Barricor is the first product registered with this unique formulation technology. The deltamethrin active ingredient is incorporated into solid particles that will ‘stand up’ on complex surfaces and increase the bioavailability of the active ingredient for the target pest. Barricor SP provides excellent results for outdoor perimeter applications at very low rates.

Who is the ideal customer for Barricor SP?

Barricor was developed for PMP’s providing high-frequency maintenance services who currently leverage economy pyrethroids.

Why did Envu develop this formulation?

We were challenged by customers to design an effective, easy-to-use insecticide for high frequency IPM services that has flexible label language, is technician-friendly, and available at a cost competitive to economy bifenthrin formulations.

How does Barricor SP compare across usage rates to bifenthrin products on cost?

At its maintenance rate (0.25 fl oz / gallon) Barricor SP is competitive to the 1oz rate of established competitive products at a similar cost per home.

What size container(s) are available, and are there packaging benefits?

Barricor is currently available in a 32 oz precise tip and pour bottle. At its maintenance rate (0.005%), one bottle:

  • Equates to eight 50 gallon tanks (based on spray volume of 3 gallons per 1000 sq ft.)
  • Treats approximately 128 homes (based on 1,000 sq ft treating area per home).
  • Is designed to last a technician one week.
  • Saves on freight / storage costs – one 32 oz bottle of Barricor yields about the same finished dilution volume as one gallon of bifenthrin-based products.

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