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TruDetx Bed Bug Rapid Test

TruDetx Bed Bug Rapid Test

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Product Overview

TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test is a revolutionary new bed bug detection device that helps pest management professionals identify even low-level infestations. It’s the most accurate bed bug detector available.

  • Science-based results: Detects even low-level infestations with over 90% accuracy*
  • Rapid results: On-site test results are ready in five minutes
  • Easy to use: Instructions are simple, and minimal training is needed to utilize the test
  • Discreet packaging: So it won’t cause concern

*Ko, Alexander & Choe, Dong-Hwan. Development of a lateral flow test for bed bug detection. Scientific Reports 10:13376 (2020).

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Is the test sensitive to heat or cold?

Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures should be avoided. The tests should be stored in an area where the temperature is above 36° F and below 86° F. The tests and swabs have a two-year shelf life under these conditions.

Will the test continue to detect bed bug residues after they have been eliminated?

Yes. Like a COVID-19 test, TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test can detect residues from previous, inactive infestations that are 90 days old. After 90 days, residues become less potent and drop below the threshold of the test. Therefore, we recommend TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test as an inspection tool and not as a monitoring tool, particularly if treatment history is not known.

Can other insect residues cause a positive reading?

Yes. TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test is over 90% effective at detecting residues from common bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) and tropical bed bugs (Cimex hemipterus). Bat bugs are related insects and can produce a positive reading as can residues from black carpet beetles (Attagenus unicolor). These pests are rarely found where bed bugs harbor.

How and where do you swab for bed bug residue?

To begin collection, simply open the swab. Use the soft end to collect residue in sleeping areas where bed bugs hide, like headboards, mattress piping and seams, bedside tables, drawers, baseboards and bed legs, and lounge chairs. Typically, where people sleep or rest. Be sure to thoroughly swab surfaces to have the best chance of collecting residue. When finished, return the swab to its holder.

How do I start the test?

Once you have thoroughly swabbed the surfaces, you can then choose to perform the test on-site, or you can label your sample and run your test later.

To begin the test, remove foil seal from tube. Swirl and soak the swab in liquid for about 15 seconds. Squeeze liquid from the swab tip while removing from the tube.

Next, firmly insert the dropper tip on tube and gently squeeze the bulb to deliver three drops in the well at the bottom of the test.

How long does the test take to complete?

The test takes five minutes to complete after the drops are placed in the well. After five minutes, the results are visible in the test window and valid for 15 minutes.

Can I throw the swab and test in the trash?


Is there anything harmful in the liquid used to make the sample?

No, it is a simple solution to disperse the residue evenly across the strip and is not harmful to people or pets.

What if I get only one line on the test?

– If you have one line that is even with the “C” mark, this indicates that the test is valid. If there is no line even with the “T” mark, this indicates that no bed bug residue was found.

– If there is a line even with the “C” mark and there is a line (even a faint one) even with the “T” mark, this means the test is valid and bed bug residue was found.

– No lines in the window or only a line at the “T” mark but nothing at the “C” mark indicates that the test is invalid.

Can a test be run multiple times with the same tester?

No. This is a single-use test.

Can the test tell me how big an infestation is?

No. The test can tell you that residue was found but not the size of an infestation.

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