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Professional Pest Management

Professional Pest Management

Envu is committed to helping foster healthier environments where people live, work and play. This comes to life through our Pest Management & Public Health business which protects people against pest-related threats in household health (residential), business assurance (commercial) and community health (mosquito control). We are passionate about helping people lead a better life by defending against the hazards that pests can bring.

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Household Health

Together we deliver improved health and wellbeing to families in residential homes through innovative, customer-driven solutions that manage unwanted pests safely and effectively.
We provide deep technical support and education – unparalleled presence in the field providing on-site expertise and troubleshooting alongside you. Every day, we deliver innovation for pest protection and prevention through products, solutions, digital tools and sales programs to serve you.
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Business Assurance

Protecting your business requires managing risk and a proactive approach.
Envu business assurance solutions ensure high expectations and regulations are met or exceeded. Together, we limit downtime and safety concerns to get business moving, even in complex environments like: commercial kitchens, stored grain elevators on farms, or in resorts, hotels and multi-residential or office buildings.
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Community Health

Protect the moments that matter most with Envu public health solutions
For over 50 years, Envu has been working with Mosquito Control Professionals around the world to fight against mosquitoes that may carry diseases. We invest in innovative solutions, ongoing research, training and education to help protect public health and quality of life. The same technologies we use to control mosquitoes worldwide can help protect your customers where they live, work and play.
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