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Mosquitoes can spread disease. They can also prevent us from enjoying outdoor spaces and activities. You can depend on superior solutions from Envu to protect your customers and eliminate the disruption mosquitoes cause to everyday life.
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Long-lasting mosquito control that reduces callbacks
  • Up to 90 days of control
  • Ends the breeding cycle
  • Polymer barrier protects the active ingredient better than microcaps
  • Effective against mosquito species resistant to Type I pyrethroids
  • Low toxicity means freedom from wind speed restrictions
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Four steps to expert mosquito control

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1. Inspect the property

Look for conditions that allow water to collect and lay stagnant and provide an environment conducive to mosquito breeding. Notify the customer of such conditions and provide recommendations to address them.

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2. Apply larvicides

Use as appropriate in mosquito-bearing stagnant water and/or areas subject to periodic flooding that will allow immature mosquitoes to develop.

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Apply Suspend PolyZone insecticide

Use the long-lasting residual barrier treatment on foliage and structures where mosquitoes will shelter and rest (hunt the shade).

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Report and advise

Alert the customer of any changes in property conditions that may provide mosquito harborages and recommend actions they can take.

Tips and tricks

Talking to homeowners about their role in mosquito control

Matt Remmen, technical market development manager, offers the following tips for discussing how homeowners can help fight mosquitoes.

  • Begin by stressing the benefits for the homeowner and the larger community
  • Advise homeowners to keep the exterior of the property clean and clear to prevent future mosquito development
  • Help the homeowner find problem areas like excess foliage and standing water, and show them how to manage them
  • Remind homeowners that mosquitoes are potentially dangerous pests, and compliment them for doing their part to control them
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