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Mosquitoes never stand still. We have solutions that keep up.

Prepare for the season with expert advice that’ll advance your business

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As mosquito season approaches, businesses are getting ready for the coming challenge and increased activity. You need an insecticide that takes mosquito control to the next level with a superior solution. Discover why experts are excited about Suspend® PolyZone® insecticide and what it means for mosquito control businesses.

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Four steps to expert mosquito control

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1. Inspect the property

Look for conditions that allow water to collect and lay stagnant and provide an environment conducive to mosquito breeding. Notify the customer of such conditions and provide recommendations to address them.

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2. Apply larvicides

Use as appropriate in mosquito-bearing stagnant water and/or areas subject to periodic flooding that will allow immature mosquitoes to develop.

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Apply Suspend PolyZone insecticide

Use the long-lasting residual barrier treatment on foliage and structures where mosquitoes will shelter and rest (hunt the shade).

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Report and advise

Alert the customer of any changes in property conditions that may provide mosquito harborages and recommend actions they can take.

Suspend PolyZone insecticide: a mosquito solution that breaks the cycle

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See how long-lasting mosquito control can advance your business

  • Up to 90 days of control
  • Ends the breeding cycle
  • Polymer barrier protects the active ingredient better than microcaps
  • Effective against mosquito species resistant to Type I pyrethroids
  • Low toxicity means freedom from wind speed restrictions


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