Suspend<sup>®</sup> PolyZone<sup>®</sup> Drums – A Sustainable Option for PMPs

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Envu offers Suspend PolyZone 30-gallon drums to the professional pest management marketplace. Pest management professionals (PMPs) can minimize their environmental footprint by reducing the frequency of triple rinsing and disposal of service containers. At Envu, we provide our professional customers with added benefits, tools, and support to make the adoption of Suspend PolyZone drums smooth and easy to execute. The Suspend PolyZone Advantage Drum Program can save you time and money.


Adopting Suspend PolyZone Drums is Easy

Envu provides you the following items and services free of charge:

// Envu Advantage Pump System
// Empty service containers
// Service container labels
// Drum pickup service*
// Training and support


Suspend PolyZone Pump Program

For PMPs looking to use higher volumes of Suspend PolyZone, Envu has created the Advantage Pump Program. To qualify, PMPs must agree to purchase a minimum of two 30-gallon drums, annually.


*Drum Pick Up Instructions

// Contact Container Service Network (CSN) by phone at 1-866-225-6629 or via email at

// You will receive a call within 2 business days to schedule a pick-up date with a 2-3 hour pick-up window

// Single rinse the empty drum(s)

// Note: someone will need to be available to assist with loading the empty drums onto the trailer

suspend polyzone
suspend polyzone drum
For more information, contact your local Envu Pest Management & Public Health Representative.