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Our unique formulations and modes of action solve the toughest pest problems, inside or outside homes and businesses. Many of our products are also HACCP-certified for use in food-handling areas, and we’re dedicated to finding new and smarter ways to solve your pest challenges.

Smart Core GIC solutions that deliver

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Supend PolyZone Insecticide
Works overtime so you don't have to
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Suspend PolyZone

Your core solution for long-lasting control and...

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Lockup_Flagship_Suspend_SC_Gradient_RGB.png General-Insect-Control

Suspend SC

Advanced-generation concentrate pyrethroid for general...

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Control pop-up pests

Barricor SP Insecticide
Better than Bifenthrin
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Lockup_Secondary_Barricor_R_SP_Gradient_RGB.png General-Insect-Control

Barricor SP

Affordable Innovation for Frequent Maintenance Applications...

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Confidently take out bedbugs with blended technologies

Temprid Insecticide
Power with flexibility
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Lockup_Flagship_Temprid_FX_Gradient_RGB.jpg General-Insect-Control

Temprid FX

Use Temprid FX insecticide for proven performance,...

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Temprid Ready-to-Spray

Proven performance meets bag-on-valve technology to deliver...

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