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At Envu, we continuously build new innovations that drive the industry forward. From new chemistries and formulations to tech-based solutions, we are dedicated to finding better ways to help pest management professionals make and keep environments healthier.

TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test

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The most accurate bed bug detector available.

This revolutionary new bed bug detection device helps pest management professionals identify even low-level infestations.

  • Science-based results: Detects even low-level infestations with over 90% accuracy*
  • Rapid results: On-site test results are ready in five minutes
  • Easy to use: Instructions are simple, and minimal training is needed to utilize the test
  • Discreet packaging won’t cause concern

*Ko, Alexander & Choe, Dong-Hwan. Development of a lateral flow test for bed bug detection. Scientific Reports 10:13376 (2020).

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Suspend PolyZone insecticide

Suspend Polyzone lockup
Long-lasting control that reducing callbacks
Suspend® PolyZone® insecticide Long-lasting control that reduces callbacks
  • Up to 90 days of control means fewer callbacks
  • Polymer barrier protects the active ingredient better than microcaps
  • Performs through weather, UV light and other environmental factors
  • Low toxicity means freedom from wind speed restrictions
  • Controls ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps and more
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