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Think Ahead to Fall Application

The Many Advantages of Fall Herbicide Application

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It pays to think proactively when it comes to vegetation management. A fall herbicide application helps interrupt the germination cycle, leading to better results and less mowing than only applying herbicides in the spring. To achieve lasting results and fight resistance, combine preemergent and postemergent products that are designed to work together.

Watch our short webinar series to learn all the ways a fall application can lead to better results and long-term savings.

Think ahead with a fall application 0:26
Get a head start that leads to better control, lower risk and lower operational costs.

Chapter 1: Get ahead of germination 0:33
Be prepared and proactive for better control of weeds and avoid the uncertainties of spring weather

Chapter 2: The right tool for your area 0:58
No matter your location or needs, our products provide custom-blend flexibility for consistent results.

Chapter 3: Stop the cycle of weeds in three ways 0:51
A fall application program does far more than control current problem weeds.

Chapter 4: Early application reduces costs and risk 0:33
Spread out the application period and use your crews more efficiently.

Chapter 5: One complete solution 1:39
Using products that are designed to be combined leads to better results.

Chapter 6: Putting it all together 0:34
For roadsides and bareground solutions, earlier is better.

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