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Our science-based solutions help control roadside weeds, improve driver visibility, minimize maintenance costs and protect our natural resources. Envu has the smart solutions you can count on.

Smart Solutions: Reduce Costs & Risks with a Fall-Based, Selective Weed Program

DOT and roadside vegetation managers can reduce the number of mechanical mowings and optimize herbicide treatments with a fall-based selective program.

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Feedback from the Field

Controlling roadside weeds is a constant challenge. Our customers explain how they’ve successfully dealt with a wide variety of situations all over the country using Envu solutions.
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Selective Weeding Solutions Guide

We offer the most effective and versatile solutions in roadside management. To learn more, flip through the guide below.

Selective Weeding Solutions
// Esplanade® 200 SC

Broad-spectrum weed control for large hardscapes, roadways and railroad sites. Just one preemergence application offers season-long control at a lower use rate.
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// Method® 240SL

Delivers broad-spectrum control and the flexibility to manage vegetation in roadway, railway, bareground or utility corridor settings.
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// Derigo®

A one-stop solution for postemergence weed control and plant growth regulation on warm-season roadside grasses.
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cable barrier
Cable barrier & guardrail solutions
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Selective Weeding Resource Library

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