cable barrier

Cable Barrier & Guardrail Vegetation Management See the difference – Eastern U.S.

Eastern U.S. – see the difference Envu herbicide solutions make.

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Below are images of treatment sites using Envu herbicide solutions to help control weeds around cable barriers and guardrails. A vegetation management program using herbicides can help crews reduce risk and is more cost-effective than mowing and string trimming.

// Western US

// See the savings

cable barrier


October // Esplanade® 200 SC 5 oz./ac + Rodeo® 10 oz./ac. + NIS* 0.25%.
April // Method® 240SL 4 oz./ac + Derigo® 2 oz./ac. + NIS* 0.25%
(Photo taken May, no mechanical string trimming or mowing.)
Rodeo is a registered trademark of Dow.

cable barrier


Esplanade 200 SC (2nd fall treatment), Method 240SL and Derigo®.
(Photo taken August 14, 2018, no line trimming in 10 months.)

*Non-Ionic Surfactant

cable barrier


December // Esplanade 200 SC 5 oz./ac. + Method 240SL 4 oz./ac + NIS* 0.25%
(Photo taken May, no mechanical string trimming or mowing.)

cable barrier


Southeastern cable barrier proactive fall applied Esplanade 200 SC + Method 240SL resulting in Bermuda release the following spring.

// Plainview SC

Provides Built-in Herbicide Resistance Management and long residual.

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// Esplanade® Sure

Lowers the risk of injury to surrounding desirable vegetation.

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// Esplanade® 200 SC

Delivers superior preemergence control of broadleaf weeds and grasses at low use rates. Just one application offers season-long control.

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// Derigo

One-stop solution for postemergence weed control, plant growth regulation and seedhead suppression.

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// Method® 240SL

A strong, foundational herbicide for broadleaf weed and brush control. Use in combination with Esplanade for both bareground and selective weeding solutions.

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// Roundup PRO® Concentrate/Custom ATU Herbicides

Postemergence, systemic herbicides with no soil residual herbicidal activity.

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Tank mixtures: The applicable labeling for each product must be in the possession of the user at the time of application. Follow applicable use instructions, including application rates, precautions and restrictions of each product used in the tank mixture. Not all tank mix product formulations have been tested for compatibility or performance other than specifically listed by brand name. Always predetermine the compatibility of tank mixtures by mixing small proportional quantities in advance.