Dave Spak

Take Five with Dave Spak

Five key insights. Five best practices.

Dave Spak helped build the Envu Stewardship Team from the ground up. Stewardship remains the foundation on which his team members operate and make decisions today.

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Dave lists Stewardship as “a #1 priority from Day One.”

Dave's key insights:

1. We can’t settle for the status quo. The business and environment we operate in is everchanging. We always need to be forward-thinking and welcome the challenge of what the future holds.

2. Our experiences and expertise allow us to challenge each other to innovate. Issues are often complex and require networking and collaborating with others to come up with solutions.

3. It really comes down to helping our customers be successful in their businesses while being good stewards of the land and the tools we provide. I think our customers appreciate the support we provide while helping them to solve problems or investigate new opportunities.

4. The key to stewardship is having very capable scientists with the utmost integrity – and we have that in the Envu Stewardship Team. We also have several game-changing active ingredients (indaziflam and aminocyclopyrachlor), which will fuel new innovations for years to come.

5. There is never a dull moment on the Stewardship Team. Every day is different and I am always learning! My favorite part of the job is spending time with our customers, understanding their business and challenges, and learning something new.

Dave's best practices:

1. Take the time to plan.

2. Have an alternative plan.

3. Inform others of the plan.

4. Never assume.

5. Know what you are doing.

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