Jason Belcher

Take Five with Jason Belcher

Five key insights. Five best practices.

Envu Stewardship Team member Jason Belcher is the Eastern Stewardship Manager for Envu. Here are the things he considers important.

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“I help keep their lights on and their highways safe for travel, while also promoting wildlife and pollinator habitat.” Jason Belcher, Eastern Stewardship Manager

Jason's key insights:

1. Anytime that the entire stewardship team gets together, I feel like I learn something. The discussions we have are often instrumental in deciding a path forward with our innovations and research.

2. I had worked with [VM Stewardship and Development Manager] David Spak previously, during my days as a university researcher. What excites me now about the team is that we have experts in every VM segment represented, from Bareground to Range and Pasture.

3. I love the research. I enjoy finding solutions to customer problems and then providing those solutions to them in a manner that is easy to understand.

4. I have pushed for fall applications of Esplanade® on roadsides in the southern states. Much of the first mowing in these areas is done to mow down ryegrass. By applying Esplanade in the fall, they are able to remove this mowing entirely, saving them money.

5. Management of research programs to discover new innovations for current and future Envu solutions is my true passion. I strive to find new uses for herbicides in our portfolio and work to identify difficult-to-control species that we may have solutions for.

Jason's best practices:

1. Always read the label first!

2. Rinse and clean your spray equipment after use.

3. Check calibration before spraying.

4. Scout the spray area to know what species are present and if the product selected is the right one for the job. (Scouting also ensures knowledge of any sensitive species or areas in/near the spray zone.)

5. Always use your PPE!