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/// Plainview SC - Bring the hammer down on bareground weeds

Build more into your bareground weed control program with Plainview SC.

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Tough broadleaf weeds and grasses can pose problems in bareground areas. Strike back with the power of Plainview™ SC, a broad-spectrum solution that allows you to build more into your bareground weed control program. It provides built-in Herbicide Resistance Management, long residual, less active ingredient per acre, and less measuring and mixing.
Plainview SC Product

Built to do more

Plainview SC is built to do it all. It provides built-in Herbicide Resistance Management with three modes-of-action for broadleaf weeds and grasses. The addition of glyphosate provides four MOAs.

Herbicide resistance – what to look for

// Failure to control weeds normally controlled with same herbicide and rate.
// Adjacent weeds are controlled.
// A spreading patch of a particular species.
// Surviving plants mixed with controlled plants of the same or different species.

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Strike back with less

Plainview SC is the definition of less is more when it comes to effective bareground control. It provides long residual control with a low active ingredient rate per acre. It’s also easier to handle, measure and mix as compared to the high-rate, bulky dry herbicides that are used for bareground treatments. Plus, Plainview SC only requires standard PPE, a respirator is not required.
Plainview bareground control

Perennial Grass Control

Untreated vegetation


Treated vegetation

Application and use

// Plainview SC is a suspension concentrate formulation consisting of a pre-mix formulation of indaziflam, aminocyclopyrachlor and imazapyr
// Plainview SC provides flexible application timing, including fall and winter applications
// For best control of perennial grasses, apply prior to dormancy or include glyphosate tank-mix partner
// Application methods include backpack, hand gun and broadcast boom
// Rate range is 32 to 64 oz./A with an average rate of 48 oz./A. (Rate depends on weed spectrum and pressure, climate, and historical herbicide use on the site.)

Plainview SC is the right tool for the job

Key grasses and broadleaf weeds controlled:


Ryegrass, bromegrass, crabgrass, foxtail, goosegrass, cheatgrass, barnyardgrass, Johnsongrass1, sprangletop, annual sedges


Field bindweed, knapweed, kochia, horseweed/marestail, pigweed, leafy spurge, thistles

1 Plainview SC controls Johnsongrass from seed or when young.
Please see the product label for a full list of grasses and weeds controlled.

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