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Product Overview

While other herbicides require pounds or gallons of product to do the job, Escort® XP offers better control using only a few ounces.

Primarily used as a postemergence herbicide across the United States, Escort XP cost-effectively controls many annual and perennial weeds, plus tough woody plants. Selective to many grasses, Escort XP is known for its low use rates and flexibility.

Key Benefits

  • Applied at a low use rate – reducing the chemical load on treated acres without compromising weed control
  • No grazing restrictions when used at labeled rates
  • Dry flowable process – offers better solubility in the tank and more uniform spray coverage
  • Less mess – little to no dust
  • Selective – will not harm many desirable grasses
  • Flexible – can be tank-mixed and custom blended to broaden the weed control spectrum
  • Effects may be seen within 2-4 weeks
  • Not a federally restricted-use pesticide

Use & Control

Weeds, Vines and Brush Controlled

Weeds: Annual sowthistle, chicory, dandelion and more
Weeds and vines: Blackberry, curly dock, dewberry, knapweed, kudzu, multiflora rose, sericea lespedeza, thistles, wild parsnip and more
Brush: Ailanthus, ash, black locust, eastern red cedar, elm, willow and more

Always read and follow label instructions. See the product label for a full list of weeds controlled.


What is Escort XP?

Escort® XP is a selective herbicide used to control noxious weeds, brush and problem broadleaves on non-crop, rangeland, pastures and forestry sites with excellent selectivity to certain grass species. Used as directed, Escort XP is recognized for its low use rates and low toxicity to wildlife.

What is the active ingredient in Escort XP?

Escort XP herbicide is a water-dispersible granule consisting of metsulfuron-methyl (Group 2 herbicide).

How does Escort XP work?

The active ingredient in Escort XP herbicide works by inhibiting a plant enzyme involved in the synthesis of key amino acids used by plants for growth and development. Once susceptible plants are treated, growth stops in the growing points of both roots and shoots, leading to plant death.

Where can Escort XP be used?

Escort XP herbicide can be used in sites such as pasture and rangelands, conifer and some hardwood plantations, and utility and highway rights-of-way, including vegetation management sites that transect pastures of lands where livestock may graze.

What weeds, vines and brush does Escort XP control?

Escort XP herbicide controls many annual and perennial weeds, plus tough woody plants, including the following. See the product label for a complete list.

Weeds: Annual sowthistle, chicory, dandelion and more

Weeds and vines: Blackberry, curly dock, dewberry, knapweed, kudzu, multiflora rose, sericea lespedeza, thistles, wild parsnip and more

Brush: Ailanthus, ash, black locust, eastern red cedar, elm, willow and more

When is the best time to apply Escort XP?

Escort XP herbicide controls weeds and woody plants primarily by postemergence activity. Although Escort XP herbicide has preemergence activity, best results are generally obtained when it is applied to foliage after emergence or dormancy break. Generally, for the control of annual weeds, Escort XP herbicide provides the best results when applied to young, actively growing weeds. For the control of perennial weeds, applications made at the bud/bloom stage or while the target weeds are in the fall rosette stage may provide the best results. The use rate depends upon the weed species and size at the time of application.

Can Escort XP be applied to water?

Escort can be applied near or around bodies of water, but not applied directly to water. Do not apply Escort XP herbicide to natural or man-made bodies of water such as lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, and canals. Escort XP may be applied on conifer and hardwood plantations and non-crop sites that contain areas of temporary surface water caused by the collection of water between planting beds, in equipment ruts, or in other depressions created by management activities. It is permissible to treat intermittently flooded low lying sites, seasonally dry flood plains and transitional areas between upland and lowland sites when no water is present. It is also permissible to treat marshes, swamps and bogs after water has receded as well as seasonally dry flood deltas.

Does Escort XP have any negative effects on humans or wildlife?

The enzyme affected by Escort XP herbicide is not present in animals, insects, or fish. Studies done to determine what impact Escort XP may have on humans after contact have shown that it does not cause cancer, birth defects, sterility, or genetic damage. Additional studies have shown that the active ingredient is very low in toxicity to wildlife when used according to label instructions. When tests were done on fish and aquatic invertebrates, it was shown that the active ingredient was not toxic to these organisms even at high concentrations. Overall, the potential for wildlife to have any adverse effects from exposure are extremely low.

How long does Escort XP stay in the soil?

Generally, Escort XP herbicide will break down readily in the soil. The speed at which it breaks down depends on environmental conditions such as temperature, rainfall, and soil pH. In areas where temperatures and rainfall are higher, degradation can be fairly quick. Escort XP degrades more slowly as soil pH increases.

Can my livestock graze on vegetation treated with Escort XP?

Yes. Escort XP herbicide is registered for control of broadleaf weeds, brush and several woody vine species in the establishment, maintenance and restoration of pasture and rangeland. Remember to always read and follow label directions.

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