Invora® Herbicide

Redefine your rangeland.

Don’t just stunt brush growth. Stop it.

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Transform invasive brush into productive forage with Invora® Herbicide. Invora restores your land with innovative chemistry that redefines brush control by killing brush like mesquite and huisache with a single application.

Make Mesquite History

A single application of Invora can kill mesquite for 10+ years.* It’s the new industry standard for long-lasting control.

Wipe out Huisache

Invora sets a new industry standard for huisache control. It kills huisache for five years or more* with one application. Focus on the future of your rangeland with the long-lasting protection of Invora.

Long-term Efficacy Backed by Long-term Research

We invest in innovation, so you can invest in results. Invora is backed by a decade of research and in-field trials that demonstrate long-term efficacy over time. It’s the herbicide you can trust for the long haul.

Restore the Range

“After that treatment, we saw a real significant decrease in canopy cover of huisache...I have never seen another chemical that we applied [do] that well. So this treatment was really very effective.”
Terry Blankenship, Procurement Director at Welder Wildlife

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*Average results based on trial research. Individual results may vary depending on management practices and growing conditions.

Invora® Herbicide is a RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE. Prior to spraying, all applicators must complete picolinic acid herbicide training.