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Harness the power of the RangeView™ digital platform for a better ROI and guaranteed results

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The RangeView™ digital platform helps you identify and eliminate invasive species by combining satellite imagery and digital planning tools with the long-lasting effects of either Rejuvra® herbicide or Invora® herbicide. No matter which product you pair it with, you’ll see powerful control, and we’ll stand behind it with the RangeView Restoration Pledge.

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+ Controls cheatgrass and ventenata for up to four years

+ Break the cycle of germination

+ Boosts forage production and lowers feed costs

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+ Controls huisache and mesquite for up to five years

+ Uptake through roots and shoots

+ Reduces canopy cover so native grasses can return

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Here’s what you can expect

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In-depth satellite imagery analysis.
The RangeView platform utilizes satellite imagery and a proprietary algorithm to remotely identify and select infestations in pastures. You can also view historical satellite imagery to compare infestations in both treated and untreated pastures.
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Streamlined treatment planning.
Digital planning tools make it easy to pinpoint the areas you want to treat and calculate exactly how much product you need to purchase. Easily share your treatment and boundary file with applicators and track previous treatments and performance.
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Guaranteed results on targeted species
When you use the RangeView platform to analyze and treat your land, the RangeView Restoration Pledge guarantees* cheatgrass and ventenata control for up to four years and huisache and mesquite control for up to five years.
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*Only applies to acres treated with Rejuvra herbicide or Invora herbicide.

Analysis cost rebate on treated land. 
Along with our RangeView Restoration Pledge, you will receive a rebate to cover your analysis cost after you upload an as-applied treatment file. This is another way we stand behind our treatment approach to offer reassurance.

Get started or get help with the RangeView platform

Call toll-free at 1.800.229.3721 to talk to a representative or visit the RangeView platform website to get started.

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Four easy steps to your precise treatment plan


1. Sign up and explore
It’s free and easy, and there’s no obligation.
2. Access and learn
Next-generation analytics with satellite technology provides precise digital analyses of problem areas.
3. Select and plan
Just click and drag to outline the exact areas you want to treat.
4. Download and upload
Get a treatment file for your applicator, then upload the as-applied file to track history and results.

Contact an Envu representative to get started

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