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What is RangeView™?

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RangeView is a digital ranching platform that helps you create a plan to identify and eliminate cheatgrass. By combining the satellite imagery and digital planning tools of RangeView with the long-lasting effects of Rejuvra® herbicide, you can harness unrivaled cheatgrass control. This powerful approach can help to reestablish native species, restore productivity to rangelands and increase forage quality for overall better ROI. CREATE A RANGEVIEW ACCOUNT.

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// In-depth satellite imagery analysis.

RangeView utilizes satellite imagery and a proprietary cheatgrass algorithm to remotely identify and select infestations in pastures. You can also view historical satellite imagery to compare cheatgrass infestations in both treated and non-treated pastures.

// Streamlined treatment planning.

Digital planning tools make it easy to determine the number of acres that need to be treated and calculate how many gallons of Rejuvra will be required. Easily share your treatment and boundary file with applicators and track previous treatments and performance.


// The RangeView Restoration Pledge.

When you use RangeView to analyze your land and Rejuvra to treat it, the RangeView Restoration Pledge guarantees cheatgrass control for up to four years. We stand behind this innovative approach because Rejuvra breaks the cycle of germination and future seed production in cheatgrass for the long haul.

// Analysis cost rebate on treated land.

Along with our RangeView Restoration Pledge, you receive a rebate to cover your analysis cost after applying Rejuvra and uploading an applied treatment file to RangeView. This is another way we stand behind our treatment approach to offer reassurance.

Restore your rangeland for the long haul.

Call toll-free at 1.800.229.3721 to talk to a representative or visit the RangeView™ website to get started.

How does this approach deliver proven ROI?

Cheatgrass and other invasive annual grass species spread throughout western rangeland in a cycle that depletes desirable vegetation. By using RangeView and Rejuvra to eliminate these harmful grasses, you can expect: 


return on land  A stronger return on your land
By stopping cheatgrass at the seed level, Rejuvra allows desirable forage to return with up to 3.5x more perennial grass production. This reduces grazing pressure and improves the overall ecosystem.


return on livestock

A stronger return on your herd
Increased forage quality allows ranchers like you to produce more pounds of beef per acre. That means better pasture rotation, reduced feed costs by up to $50-$100 per head and increased production gains.

ROI for rancher
A stronger ROI on your operation
By reducing operational costs, you can grow your business potential. This approach cuts labor costs for the long haul by up to $15-$25 per head and provides the lowest cost per pound of gain.

Your roadmap to restoration starts with four easy steps.

Following this simple step-by-step process for a clear path forward to reestablish native species and improve your rangeland’s ROI:

// 1. Identify

Pinpoint cheatgrass infestations on your land with our proprietary algorithm and receive a refundable analysis.

// 2. Plan

Calculate the gallons of Rejuvra needed for your application and easily share the treatment and boundary file with your applicators.

// 3. Apply

Break the cycle of germination and future seed production in cheatgrass and receive up to four years of protection with Rejuvra.

// 4. Compare

Review performance by using historical satellite imagery to compare treated areas against untreated areas.

Take your first step toward better ROI for the long haul with RangeView™.

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