Rejuvra Herbicide

Rejuvra® Herbicide

Stop the Cycle of Cheatgrass.

For a Sustainable Cheatgrass Herbicide, Choose Rejuvra<sup>®</sup>

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Return your land to its full potential with long-lasting Rejuvra® herbicide. Unlike other herbicides, Rejuvra stops cheatgrass at the seed with next-generation chemistry that breaks the cycle of germination and future seed production. More desirable forage means a larger grazing capacity for greater production gains. Learn how Rejuvra helps fight invasive annual grasses for better ROI.
Rejuvra Herbicide
Stronger Returns on Your Land

Up to 3.5x More in Perennial Grass Production*

Rejuvra herbicide stops cheatgrass at the germination level and protects rangelands for up to four years so desirable forage can return. This increase in forage availability reduces grazing pressure on the land and improves the overall ecosystem. Watch a short video about how Rejuvra herbicide works to restore rangelands.

*Forage response is variable and dependent on individual site conditions. Individual results may vary.

Rejuvra Herbicide
Stronger Returns on Your Herd

Reduce Feed Cost by up to $50-$100 per Head

By increasing the amount of high-quality forage on your land, you can accommodate more pounds of beef per acre. Using Rejuvra herbicide results in increased stocking rate, lower feed costs and a better pasture rotation. See how Rejuvra can stop cheatgrass and increase your grazing capacity.

Rejuvra Herbicide
Stronger ROI for Your Operation

Reduce Labor Costs by up to $15-$25 per Head

Rejuvra herbicide has been proven to reduce operational costs and grow business potential for the long haul. It allows you to provide the lowest cost per pound of gain and increase your economic profitability by spending less on fuel, feed and labor. Read more about the economic advantages of Rejuvra.

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“In one of our studies, we found that untreated land was at 300 pounds per acre. But on the treated land, it was at over 4,000 pounds per acre. So those results are quite dramatic.”
– Dave Arthun, Montana
Rejuvra Herbicide
Rejuvra Herbicide
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