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Temprid Dust

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Product Overview

Temprid® Dust uses two modes of action to eliminate bed bugs (including pyrethroid-resistant strains), cockroaches, ants and other indoor pests, on contact. And with a lighter formulation than similar products, it is not only the ideal solution for hard-to-reach harborages but it also lasts longer than any other comparable dust or spray on the market today.

Key Features

  • Formulation is lighter than other dusts for precise insect contact
  • Begins eliminating even hard-to-control pests within minutes
  • Lasts for years in dry, undisturbed environments
  • Contains two active ingredients, including beta-cyfluthrin (pyrethroid) and the all-new flupyradifurone (butenolide), both of which have a unique mode of action and are amended on a silica aerogel carrier (the delivery system)
  • Effective and easy to apply in hard-to-reach harborages

Key Benefits

  • Helps general insect control programs work harder
  • Works in difficult areas where other dusts and liquid solutions fall short
  • No signal word or PPE requirements

Use & Control

Use indoors to control bed bugs, including pyrethroid-resistant strains, cockroaches, ants and other indoor pests. See the label for the full list of pests controlled.
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