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Castlon fungicide

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Castlon™ fungicide uses the original fluoxastrobin formulation with proven technology. Its strobilurin disease spectrum, efficient leaf dissemination and fast translaminar and xylem movement ensure protection.

It controls dozens of the most problematic foliar and soilborne warm- and cool-season diseases, including:

Foliar diseases Soilborne diseases
Pink snow mold
Gray snow mold
Brown patch 
Pythium blight
Leaf spot
Dollar spot
Grey leaf spot
Damping off
Fairy ring
Large patch
Brown ring patch
Pythium root rot
Summer patch
Take-all patch
Spring dead spot
Pythium root dysfunction



Castlon for golf

We recommend pairing Castlon & Mirage® Stressgard® fungicide for superb control of diseases across greens, tees and fairways. Mirage Stressgard, with tebuconazole and Stressgard Formulation Technology complements the fluoxastrobin in Castlon, while providing all the benefits of Stressgard-brand fungicides like boosting photosynthesis and improving plant health.


Pairing Product Required quantity Rate (fl oz/1000) Acres treated
MiraCast Castlon 1 (1 gal. jug) 0.18 - 0.36 fl. oz. 8.16 @ 0.36 fl. oz.
Mirage Stressgard 1 (2.5 gal. jug) 1 – 2 fl. oz. 7.35 @ 1 fl. oz.

golf course turf with snowy mountain view leaf spot on turf grass size comparison to keys  pythium  fairy ring on turf grass
Snow Mold: The MiraCast pairing of Castlon and Mirage Stressgard is a dependable fairway solution for snow mold pressure. Leaf Spot & Melting Out: MiraCast is an effective combination for leaf spot and grey leaf spot. Pythium Diseases: MiraCast efficiently suppresses dollar spot, along with other Pythium diseases. Fairy Ring: Castlon + Mirage Stressgard effectively suppresses fairy ring along with other root diseases.

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State Approvals

Castlon has been federally approved. Check back often to see its registration status in your state and contact your Envu representative to learn more about this new innovation.

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This map was most recently updated May 7, 2024.

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