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One small nematode infestation can have lasting effects. But Indemnify® is the soil-penetrating nematicide that gets deep down to the roots where it matters most. Delivering long-lasting, industry-leading results, Indemnify is the superior way to prevent and control nematode problems while improving root growth and turf health for better playability. Because healthy roots make happy golfers, protect your turf with Indemnify.

Indemnify is an advanced formulation technology nematicide that’s both preventative and curative to help improve turf performance and root growth.

// Controls sting, root-knot, ring, and the crown- and stem-feeding Anguina pacificae

// Improves overall root health to help guard against lance nematodes

// Is approved for use across greens, tees and fairways and is safe on all turf types including bermudagrass,
creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass

// Less work, more results

Indemnify saves you time, effort and money when compared to competitor products.

// No soil penetrant or pre-application irrigation needed

// Season-long control with 1-4 applications based on location and level of nematode pressure

// Minimal post-application irrigation

Indemnify comparing nematicides

1If symptoms are present and laboratory testing indicates nematodes are the potential cause, apply one or two applications of Indemnify at 0.39 fl. oz./1,000 sq. ft. immediately. Curative control of nematodes with Indemnify at 0.39 fl. oz./1,000 sq. ft. allows up to four spot applications on 10,000 sq. ft./acre of course area/year. See label for specific recommendations.

2Number and frequency of applications depends on nematode severity and turf quality.

// Healthier roots from a simple application

Indemnify provides a simple solution for controlling nematodes without invasive application methods or phytotoxicity concerns.

// Formulation contains surfactant to optimize root zone penetration

// Apply 0.1 inch irrigation within 12-24 hours of application, no aerification or deep watering needed

// Control may last up to six months or more depending on nematode populations and environmental conditions

root comparison A root compare side B
Indemnify 0.39 fl. oz./1,000 sq ft Untreated

2018 GIS - Photos by Dr. Chenxi Zhang, Envu

// Apply as a preventative or curative solution

The best time to apply Indemnify for lasting results is during the spring and fall as a preventative measure.

// Apply Indemnify in the fall as a preventative measure to optimize root health prior to dormancy or to ensure healthy roots during semi-dormancy

// Similarly, you can apply Indemnify in the spring as a preventative measure to ensure normal green-up

// Indemnify may also be applied as a curative measure any time of the year at the first sign of turfgrass stress due to nematodes

compare indemnify

Fall application on bermudagrass in Florida

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