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Make this first-of-its-kind solution your first step in turf maintenance

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Resilia™ root health solution is the first all-in-one product on the market you can proactively apply to safeguard your roots from dangerous underground threats to keep your turf healthy, beautiful and playable all season long.

Confidence on the course starts with Resilia root health solution.

resilia lock-up

Protects your roots from destructive soilborne pathogens for up to 21 days and most up to 28 days

Allows roots to reach full biomass and depth potential

Keeps your turf healthy and playable all season long

Works well in combination and rotation with Stressgard® brand fungicides

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Why root health matters

The majority of diseases diagnosed on greens are root diseases. And they all pose a great threat to your turf and your livelihood because symptoms don’t appear until the damage to your roots is already done. To make matters worse, you may lose critical time attempting to diagnose the problem before you’re able to properly treat it, which greatly impacts your course’s playability and hinders your customers’ experiences.

But with Resilia root health solution, you’ll not only protect your roots — you’ll protect your overall peace of mind too. Learn more about root health below.

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Pythium Root rot

take all root rot nematode

summer patch

spring dead spot take all patch

Root Health Resources

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Root Docs

Join Green Solutions Team member Jesse Benelli as he discusses root health with industry professionals.

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It's in a category by itself.

Building on our legacy of innovative golf course solutions, Resilia root health solution is in a category by itself. Experts agree that soilborne pathogens are one of the hardest-to-control threats to turf health.

“Soilborne pathogens are ninjas.”
– Dr. Lee Miller, Purdue University

“They’re easy to overlook but always there.”
– Dr. Derek Settle, Chicago District Golf Association

“Root diseases can be silent killers.”
– Dr. Katerina Jordan, University of Guelph

“By the time you see the symptoms, the damage is already done.”
– Dr. Paul Koch, University of Wisconsin

“Of the 10,000-plus samples we’ve received, 68% of the diseases diagnosed on greens are root diseases.”
– Dr. Jim Kerns and Lee Butler, North Carolina State University

State Approvals​

Resilia™ root health solutions has been federally approved. Check back often to see its registration status in your state and contact your Envu representative to learn more about this new innovation.

Resilia registration map

This map was most recently updated on December 11, 2023. Note: Resilia is not approved in Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York

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