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There’s a Stressgard® solution for any stress any time of the year, including heat, rain, snow and wear. This scientifically proven technology goes beyond disease control, boosting photosynthesis to make your turf healthier and stronger so it can reach its full potential. No matter what stress comes your way, you can’t stress out Stressgard. 

Immediate and Long-Lasting Benefits

Stressgard mitigates the full scope of biotic and abiotic stresses throughout your course, which means you get immediate aesthetic benefits and long-lasting improvements, including better turf quality, color, density and overall health for  a more consistent playing surface — even in unpredictable conditions.

The Portfolio

You can add Stressgard to any disease management program. With five different chemical classes, no other portfolio is as extensive.


golf course exteris stressgard solution

Exteris® Stressgard®

Delivers broad-spectrum disease control on golf greens, tees and fairways.

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golf fairway fiata stressgard

Fiata® Stressgard®

Easy to integrate into standard fairway management programs.

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fairway tartan stressgard

Tartan® Stressgard®

Fights diseases and helps mitigate turf stress and maximize plant health.

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golf greens chipco signature

Chipco®  Signature

Protects turf from summer decline and winter stress while improving turf quality.

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golf ball signature xtra stressgard

Signature™ XTRA Stressgard®

Enhances plant health and turf quality in any environmental conditions.

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interface stressgard

Interface®  Stressgard®

Delivers unsurpassed disease control and improved turf quality and flexibility.

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Mirage® Stressgard®

Controls foliar and soilborne fungal diseases and provides enhanced turf quality.

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“Stressgard outperformed my traditional program in all areas. Excellent results and a perfect fit for any fairway program.”

– Bill Coulter, Montaup Country Club

Beyond disease control

Stressgard boosts photosynthesis to provide the following turf benefits:

// Improved drought tolerance and recovery
// Reduced turf decline due to shade
// Enhanced traffic tolerance and recovery
// Quicker spring green up
// Excellent turf safety in summer heat

Stressgard Root

Over 25 years of research

You can’t predict the weather, but you can predict Stressgard results. It’s been extensively tested across a range of environmental conditions. Stressgard is scientifically proven to provide protection on tees, fairways and greens all year long.

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