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Envu landscape ornamentals solutions help you protect against a variety of insects, weeds and diseases. You can expect effective results and control. Put Envu to work for you.

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Altus® for Landscape Ornamentals

Altus is a novel insecticide that provides systemic, broad-spectrum control of sucking pests with foliar spray or drench applications made before, during or after bloom. Altus offers flexible, long-lasting performance and is a new solution for landscape ornamentals professionals looking for alternatives to existing pesticides.

  • Compatible with honey bees, bumble bees and many other beneficial arthropods.
  • Labeled for use before, during and after plant bloom.
  • Excellent residual control.
  • Rapid and strong feeding cessation effect.
  • Rotational chemistry reduces risk of resistance.
Envu Altus
What Makes Altus Different
Flupyradifurone, the active ingredient in Altus, is inspired by the natural product stemofoline, a derivate from the Asian plant Stemona japonica. Flupyradifurone is the first insecticide with a butenolide chemical structure. The butenolide structure dictates a novel binding site in the insects’ nervous systems making Altus chemically unique from neonicotinoid chemistries.
Closeup Altus Formulation
How Altus Works

Altus is both systemic and translaminar. After a drench application, uptake into the plant moves from the roots toward the tips of leaves. After a foliar application, Altus moves through the leaf cuticle and is distributed translaminarily into adjacent plant cells. It then becomes available throughout the leaf impacting insects feeding on the underside of leaves.

The Science Behind Altus

Altus allows for flexible application as either a foliar spray or drench with personal protective equipment (PPE) – long sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical resistant gloves, shoes and socks.
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Altus Application Chart

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