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Welcome to the Specticle cost-in-use calculator.

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Compare herbicide programs. Use real costs. Maximize your investment.

With this tool, you can personalize information to fit your exact situation, see side-by-side numbers for any herbicide products you choose, and plan for the future.


How the calculator works:

Step 1: Enter information in the dark green boxes.
Step 2: The rest of the calculator will automatically populate.
Step 3: Be sure to fill in all the boxes in each column.
Step 4: Once completed, create a PDF file of your results or send them in an email


ROI Calculator

Maximize your investment.

Specticle offers preemergence control or suppression of over 90 grassy, broadleaf and sedge weeds. It might seem expensive, but with its long-lasting residual and low use rate, Specticle actually can lead to fewer applications than other preemergence products or postemergence-only programs. This reduces site visits and lowers labor and fuel costs. Over time, it can actually help you maximize your budget and save you money.

Our cost-in-use calculator lets you compare Specticle directly to competitive products. Enter a product’s package size, price per package, rate per acre and length of control, and get that product’s monthly cost per acre. See for yourself exactly how much you can save.

Specticle is available in both liquid and granular formulations.

// Specticle® FLO
is low-odor and non-staining. It’s also easy to measure and can be tank-mixed with other herbicides. // Learn more

// Specticle® G
is formulated on Verge® granules providing a highly-consistent, virtually dust-free application. It’s also low-odor and non-staining. // Learn more

With Specticle, the only thing growing like a weed is your bottom line.

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