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Celsius XTRA

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Celsius XTRA

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Product Overview

Remove Risk From Your Mix with One Simple Solution for Broadleaf Weed and Sedge Control

Celsius® XTRA is a postemergence herbicide that builds on the trusted broadleaf weed control and performance of Celsius WG with the added benefit of sedge control. With broad-spectrum weed control as well as excellent turf safety on even the most sensitive grasses, Celsius XTRA helps you get better control of tough weeds and avoid turfgrass injury while eliminating the need for tank mixing. The result is just the right mix of more control, less risk and greater peace of mind.

Key Benefits

// Broad-spectrum weed control with 100+ total weeds, including 13 sedges, listed on label

// Excellent control of common and difficult broadleaf weeds like dollarweed and common lespedeza

// Excellent control of problematic sedges like globe sedge and purple nutsedge

// Safe for use on all major warm-season turfgrasses including St. Augustinegrass and centipedegrass

// Eliminates mixing errors by combining three powerful active ingredients in one bottle

Use & Control

Broadleaf weeds: black medic, broadleaf plantain, buckhorn plantain, chamberbitter, common dandelion, common lespedeza, creeping woodsorrel, dollarweed, Florida pusley, spotted spurge, white clover, wild violet and yellow woodsorrel (oxalis)

Sedges: cock’s comb kyllinga, false-green kyllinga, globe sedge, green kyllinga, purple nutsedge, tufted kyllinga, white kyllinga and yellow nutsedge

See the product label for the full list of weeds controlled and use information.

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