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Major protection from major pests.

Tetrino<sup>®</sup> — one complete solution for white grub, fall armyworm and sod webworm control.

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Protecting homeowners’ lawns from major pests calls for a well-rounded solution. Now you can get total control with Tetrino®. This innovative technology features tetraniliprole as its active ingredient to control a wide range of damaging pests like white grubs, fall armyworms, sod webworms and more. It has been proven to work on golf turf, and now Tetrino is ready to protect lawns.
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Tetrino offers major pest protection that delivers everything you demand from a lawn care solution:

// Flexibility: Flexible application timing, flexible spectrum of control and flexible in programs (both curative and preventive)

// Fast-Acting: Especially for fall armyworm and sod webworm control

// Simplicity: Control in a single product for the entire season

// Affordability: A cost-effective solution

// Low Impact: Odor-free and non-neonic

// Season-long protection from white grubs.

With flexible application timing, Tetrino allows you to take a preventive or early curative approach to pest control. While offering season-long white grub control, it’s best to apply Tetrino in late June through early August just prior to the eggs hatching and larvae feeding.

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// Complete control of fall armyworms and sod webworms.

Tetrino acts fasts to provide immediate cessation of damaging caterpillars like fall armyworm, sod webworm and black cutworm.

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