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Welcome to the Altus cost-in-use calculator.

Compare any insecticides. Use real costs. Maximize your investment.

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With this tool, you can personalize information to fit your exact situation, see side-by-side numbers for any insecticides you choose, and plan for the future.

How the calculator works:

Step 1: Enter information in the dark green boxes.

Step 2: The rest of the calculator will automatically populate.

Step 3: Be sure to fill in all the boxes in each column.

Step 4: Once completed, create a PDF file of your results or send them in an email

Maximize your investment

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Altus is the least expensive non-neonic insecticide on the market making it the perfect addition to your insect management program. See the positive results from recent university research and grower demonstration trials. 

Altus In production ornamental settings, Altus:

  • Has no application timing restriction – it’s labeled for use before, during and after plant bloom
  • Provides excellent residual control of sucking pests such as aphids and whiteflies, and provides best control of thrips when applied as a preventative treatment.
    • Up to 60 days of control for drench applications
    • Up to 28 days of control for foliar applications
  • Offers outstanding efficacy and compatibility with pollinators and beneficials
  • Can be applied to difficult crops (e.g. poinsettias), containers (e.g. hanging baskets), vegetable transplants and indoor vegetable production crops

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