Altus is a Systemic, Non-Neonicotinoid Option that Provides Cost-Effective Insect Management

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Changes in regulation and public misperceptions have affected insecticides options available for many growers. Altus is one of the few systemic, non-neonicotinoid options that can provide cost-effective insect management. Altus controls major sucking pests while offering flexibility of applications before, during and after bloom. It is compatible with or has low impact on honey bees, bumble bees and many beneficial arthropods. 

This is the first full year that Altus has been available for use in ornamental nursery and greenhouse production, and we are encouraged to see growers adopting its use in their insect management programs. 

Results from university research and grower demonstration trials over the past three years indicate Altus controls piercing-sucking insect pests while having minimal impact on beneficial insects and mites. In fact, Altus integrated with the predatory mite, Amblyseius swirksii, or the predatory wasp, Eretmocerus eremicus, was able to control all life stages of Bemisia tabaci (Sweet Potato Whitefly) on salvia and mint in greenhouse trials conducted at the University of Florida and the USDA. 

These results are promising for integrated pest management programs, and further research is underway to expand our existing knowledge of the selectivity Altus has on beneficials. With ongoing efficacy trials, Altus has performed remarkably well on control of scale insects including a broad range of species such as Juniper Scale, Florida Red Scale, Lecanium Scale, False Oleander Scale and Magnolia Scale. 

Altus also is effective on mealybugs, where research data indicates high levels of control against Madeira Mealybug and Citrus Mealybug as well as evidence of control through demonstration trials with Pink Hibiscus Mealybug and Striped Mealybug. 

To date, we are very encouraged with the broad-spectrum control achieved in research and demonstration trials and trust that growers using Altus will continue to have a positive experience. 

Two foliar applications of Altus at 14 fl. oz./100 gal. 14 days apart to control Pink Hibiscus Mealybug on Hibiscus


Before treatment.


Clean, new growth emerging after treatment. No live mealybugs observed.