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Welcome to the Marengo cost-in-use calculator.

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Compare any herbicides. Use real costs. Maximize your investment.

This new tool allows you to customize information to fit your exact parameters, see side-by-side numbers for any herbicides you choose, and plan for the future.

How the calculator works:

Step 1: Enter information in the dark purple boxes.

Step 2: The rest of the calculator will automatically populate.

Step 3: Be sure to fill in all the boxes in each column.

Step 4: Once completed, create a PDF file of your results or send them in an email.

Maximize your investment.

No product lasts longer than Marengo, making it one of the least expensive program options for weed management. Products that are less expensive initially, but have a short residual, drive up both labor and product costs. Hear first-hand about the benefits of Marengo from Kevin Ganger of A. Brown Nursery.

Marengo delivers up to 8 months of selective, preemergence weed control while lowering costs.

In production ornamentals settings, Marengo:

  • Controls over 70 different weeds for fewer escapes and clean-up applications
  • Is available in two formulations
    • 18 oz. and 64 oz. Liquid Soluable Concentrate
    • 50 lb. Granular with Verge® carrier technology for uniform, virtually dust-free particle distribution.


Growers use a variety of tools to effectively manage weeds. According to North Carolina State Extension, the cost of weed management in container nursery crops can exceed $4,000 per acre and the labor to hand weed in pots continues to be a significant expense. Learn more about Marengo’s cost-in-use and how it compares to other products.

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