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Get an edge over weeds with Marengo<sup>®</sup> herbicide

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Trusted by growers for over 10 years, Marengo® herbicide provides preemergence, broad-spectrum control of nearly 100 different types of weeds that lasts longer than any other herbicide on the market today. This long-lasting residual control, which endures even through inclement weather, means fewer repeat applications, helping you save on labor and your bottom line.

Marengo herbicide keeps you on top of weeds and your work


// Longer-lasting residual control

Marengo herbicide provides up to eight months of continuous protection against weeds with preemergence broad-spectrum control, even during the rainy season, which reduces the need for repeat applications.


// More cost-effective

Fewer applications means reduced labor and lower costs, which makes Marengo herbicide one of the least expensive weed management programs available (based on monthly cost per acre of control). Use our Cost-in-Use Calculator below to see how Marengo herbicide will maximize your investment.


// Versatile by design

Marengo herbicide is labeled for use on over 270 ornamental plants, and its broad-spectrum control of over 98 weeds means fewer breakthroughs and cleanup applications.


ornamentals field overview


// Extend Efficacy

Growers can extend the efficacy of granular preemergence herbicides, like Marengo G, by using split applications, where instead of one treatment at the maximum label rate, a grower makes two applications at a reduced rate approximately six weeks apart. Learn more

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Weed control that lasts longer makes your budget go further

Our Cost-in-Use Calculator allows you to see how Marengo herbicide can maximize your weed control and your investment. Just customize the information below to fit your exact parameters, see side-by-side numbers for any herbicides you choose, and plan for the future.

Get started: Fill out the dark-purple boxes below in each column. The rest of the fields will then auto populate. Once completed, the rest of the calculator will auto-populate. Then, create a PDF file of your results or send them via email.

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