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Product Overview

Broadform fungicide helps maximize foliar disease control on key pathogens including Botrytis, leaf spot, and dieback diseases with both knockdown and long-lasting residual protection.

Key Benefits

  • Unique chemical class of fluopyram differentiates it from other SDHI solutions on the market
  • Two modes of action control over 50 pathogens
  • Helps prevent dieback and tip blight diseases
  • Systemic movement into flower bud tissue
  • Labeled for use on greenhouse and nursery-grown ornamentals, including fruits, nuts and Christmas trees

Use & Control

Diseases controlled:
Alternaria, anthracnose, black spot, Botrytis, Botryosphaeria, Diplodia, Phomopsis, powdery mildews, Rhizoctonia diseases and rusts

Please see the product label for a full list of diseases.

Product News


Where can Broadform be applied?

Broadform can be applied to ornamentals and crops (including fruits, nuts, and Christmas trees) in residential and commercial landscapes, interiorscapes, nurseries, greenhouses, lathhouses, shadehouses, and other enclosed structures. It is labeled for use on greenhouse and nursery-grown ornamentals, including fruits, nuts, and Christmas trees.

How does Broadform fit into my greenhouse fungicide program?

Broadform is an excellent rotational fungicide for protection from Botrytis on bedding plants. It can also be used on a wide range of additional crops and provides protection from over 50 pathogens in the greenhouse.

How does Broadform fit into my outdoor fungicide program?

Broadform is an excellent choice for prevention of dieback and tip blight diseases, such a Diplodia, Botryosphaeria, and Phomopsis. It also controls Alternaria, anthracnose, Botrytis, leaf spots including black spot, powdery mildews, Rhizoctonia diseases, and rusts.

Can Broadform be applied as a drench?

Broadform is currently not labeled for drench applications.

What is the re-entry interval (REI) when using Broadform?

The REI for Broadform is 12 hours.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when using Broadform?

Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes plus socks, and chemical resistant gloves are required.

How is Broadform different than other FRAC group 7+11 fungicides on the market?

Broadform contains fluopyram, a novel SDHI fungicide in a unique subclass with a low risk potential for cross resistance compared to other SDHI fungicides. In a recent university study, over 400 different isolates of Botrytis were screened for sensitivity to fungicides and over 99.5% were sensitive to Broadform.*

*Oliviera, M.S., Amiri, A., Zuniga, A.I., and N.A. Peres. 2017. Sources of primary inoculum of Botrytis cinerea and their impact on fungicide resistance development in commercial strawberry fields. Plant Disease. 101: 1761-1768

When should Broadform be applied?

Broadform will work best when applied preventatively before the detection of disease or when conditions are favorable for disease development.

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