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Our science-based bareground solutions are designed to keep sites free from weeds. This promotes safety, providing a clear line of sight for safe operations and visibility, as well as reducing fire hazards. It's also important to protect open areas from invasive or exotic plants. This prevents their establishment, proliferation, and spread, assuring these species will not move to adjacent farms, forests, and natural areas. Envu has the smart solutions you can count on.

Smart Solution: Minimize Drift, Improve Efficiency

In vegetation management, minimizing drift is critical. Watch our video to learn how to reduce risk to unintended targets and improve the efficiency of your management program.

// Esplanade® 200 SC

Broad-spectrum weed control for large hardscapes, roadways and railroad sites. Just one pre-emergence application offers season-long control at a lower use rate.
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// Esplanade® Sure

Get the proven performance of Esplanade, while lowering the risk of injury to nearby trees, shrubs and crops. The easy-to-use premix solution provides long residual and low use rates.
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// Plainview® SC

Provides built-in Herbicide Resistance Management with three modes of action and long residual. Uses less active ingredient per acre and requires less measuring and mixing.
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// Method® 240SL

Delivers broad-spectrum control and the flexibility to manage vegetation in roadway, railway, bareground or utility corridor settings.
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// Oust® EXTRA

Controls annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaf weeds in conifer plantations and non-crop sites.
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// Oust® XP

Control tough annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds with just a few ounces per acre.
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solar farm
Solar farm vegetation management
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fall application
Solutions for the ultimate fall program
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