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Vegetation Management Stewardship

Get to know the Envu Vegetation Management Stewardship Team

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The Envu Vegetation Management Stewardship Team (VMST) provides vegetation management professionals and end-use customers with the technical support they need to be good stewards of the land and to navigate an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment. The team translates company, market and university research into real-world solutions for controlling unwanted, invasive, or noxious weeds, resulting in benefits like enhanced safety, productivity, appearance, habitat and value of our land, forests and infrastructure.

Supporting our customers' business goals

The Envu Vegetation Management Stewardship Team is committed to providing value to vegetation management customers by “showing up” in a way that supports the customer’s business goals and makes the customer’s job easier. The team provides value as:

Industry specialist who can translate development research into practical knowledge and innovation solutions customers can use
Natural partners who are strong collaborators with researchers and regulators, easy to work with and focused on the goals of the distributor, applicator or end-use customer
Vocal advocates for land care, including the proper and responsible use and application of vegetation management solutions.

 “It really comes down to helping our customers be successful in their business while being good stewards of the land and the tools we provide”

David Spak, VM Stewardship and Development Manager

What the VMST delivers

The Envu Vegetation Management Stewardship Team is responsible for a diverse set of services that are valuable to customers who manage vegetation in the IVM, forestry, and range and pasture markets. These services include:

  • Helping diagnose weed management issues and proposing practical solutions for bareground, brush control or selective weeding
  • Training on a range of topics including application techniques and environmental and product stewardship
  • Explaining the latest technical and label updates on Envu products
  • Providing timely communication on industry trends or local issues that may impact weed control
  • Promoting compliance with approved labels and discussing the need for label revisions
  • Working closely with the EPA on best-in-class stewardship programs within the Vegetation Management industry
  • Managing research programs to discover new innovations for current and future Envu solution
David Spak

Meet the Team

David Spak

VM Stewardship and Development Manager

Dave is a leader and an innovator, responsible for developing new ideas and stewarding existing products in the VM business. His goal is to always be looking ahead to make Envu VM professionals stewardship leaders – not followers. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Agronomy from Pennsylvania State University. He earned his doctorate in crop science from North Carolina State University, specializing in grass biology, physiology and plant growth regulators.

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Jason Belcher

Jason Belcher

Eastern Regional Stewardship Manager

Jason never settles for the status quo. Rather, he’s out in the field testing the latest and greatest advancements in the VM industry, constantly developing and invigorating the Envu vegetation management portfolio. Jason is an active member of multiple vegetation management associations across the country, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Science, a Master of Science in Weed Science and Turfgrass Management and a Doctorate in Weed Science from Auburn University.

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Case Medlin

Case Medlin

Great Plains Stewardship Manager

Case is a true advocate for land care, and the resident range and pasture expert. His commitment to stewardship and his agronomy acumen drives the team’s focus on developing best-in-class practices and solutions across all portfolios. Case holds a Ph.D. in Weed Science with a minor in soil science from Mississippi State University. Additionally, he earned a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Agronomy from Oklahoma State University.

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Harry Quicke

Harry Quicke

Western Stewardship Manager

Harry is a trailblazer and the quintessential thought leader. Whether developing a new herbicide patent or implementing innovative product development projects, he isn’t afraid to go ahead with new ideas to protect our rangeland and forests. Harry studied forest science at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and earned his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Economics and Forest Science from Auburn University.

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Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark

Stewardship Manager, Upper Plains

Shannon is always thinking about the big picture and what lies ahead. As a dedicated weed scientist, she understands the difficulties ranchers and land managers face in controlling invasive weeds. She loves helping them solve their toughest weed problems so they can restore their land for generations to come. Shannon holds a Ph.D. in weed science and a master’s degree in agriculture from Colorado State University.

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