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Training and Stewardship

Complete your 2021 picolinic acid chemistry training in less than an hour.

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Before you can apply Invora, applicators must complete picolinic acid chemistry training every two years. This training covers the application requirements for the use of Invora for brush and weed management on rangeland sites. Once completed, you’ll receive a printable certificate for proof of training.

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1. Register

Fill out your information and a link to begin training will be emailed to you.

2. Take the course

This course is a guided video with a test at the end. To get credit for completion, applicators must complete all training chapters and answer all the test questions.

step two take the course
step three receive your certificate
3. Receive Your Certificate

By email, you’ll receive a printable certificate for successfully completing your picolinic acid chemistry training. This certificate is valid for two years.

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Invora® Herbicide is a RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE. Prior to spraying, all applicators must complete picolinic acid herbicide training.

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