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Product Overview

The power to reclaim the land is in your hands.

Transform invasive brush into productive forage with Invora® Herbicide. Invora restores your land with innovative chemistry that redefines brush control by killing brush like mesquite and huisache with a single application.

Key Benefits

  • New active ingredient for managing rangeland
  • Effective long-term control of honey mesquite and huisache, two of the most problematic and wide-spread invasive brush species
  • Long-term control assists landowners in land restoration efforts through brush canopy reduction, revegetation of desirable herbaceous species (when present), and improved moisture, nutrient, space and sunlight utilization.
  • Proven extended treatment life, resulting in favorable economics compared to past standards
  • Control of young, actively germinating weeds through both root and shoot uptake
  • Targeted towards grazing lands use only, to avoid compost contamination from off-site transport of vegetation and manure.

Use & Control

  • Invora herbicide is a patent protected, combination of aminocyclopyrachlor and triclopyr in an easy-to-use amine liquid formulation
  • This product is labeled for use in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas
  • Rate range for broadcast sprays is 12-48 fl oz./A; see label for rates on specific species
  • Broadcast applications targeting brush must include MSO-OS adjuvant, unless otherwise stated on the label
  • Warm, moist conditions following treatment promote the activity of Invora herbicide
  • Rain-fast at 1 hour after application

When considering the use of Invora herbicide, these criteria must be followed:

  • Do not use on hay production sites
  • Do not harvest, compost or move any treated vegetation from the site for a period of 2 years following treatment
  • Treated brush must degrade on the treatment site and cannot be removed
  • Manure resulting from animals grazing on treated vegetation within 2 years of application must remain on the treatment site
  • Livestock that graze on the treatment site within 2 years following application must be fed for 3 days forage not previously treated with this herbicide before transport off the property or to sites other than privately-owned non-hayed rangeland or privately-owned non-hayed perennial grasslands managed as rangelands. See label for recommendations to accomplish this requirement.
  • Invora herbicide is a Restricted Use Product. Prior to spraying, all applicators must complete picolinic acid herbicide training.
  • Always follow label for application and stewardship requirements

Species Controlled

Brush/woody plants: Catclaw acacia, coyotillo, huisache, honey mesquite, western honey mesquite, catclaw mimosa, Texas mountain laurel, common persimmon, Texas persimmon, flameleaf sumac, yucca

Broadleaf weeds: Common broomweed, musk thistle, wild carrot, dogfennel, bitter sneezeweed, cocklebur, wooly croton, dandelion, bull thistle, horsenettle, kochia, prickly lettuce, marestail, western ragweed, tall ironweed, velvetleaf

Always read and follow label use directions, restrictions, and application and stewardship requirements. See the product label for the full list of weeds controlled.

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