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Fight the Top Cool-Season and Warm-Season Turf Diseases With One Simple Solution

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Harness the power of streamlined fungicide management with Densicor® — a next-generation DMI fungicide that provides superior control of the most problematic cool-season and warm-season diseases in one solution without thinning your turf.*

// Control the Most Notorious Cool-Season Diseases

Densicor offers next-level control of dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose, gray leaf spot, snow mold and other harmful diseases in one simple solution.

// Dollar Spot

Densicor provides excellent control of dollar spot with no turf injury or thinning.Dollar spot

// Brown Patch

Get strong control of brown patch for up to 21 days and have one less thing to worry about.brown patch

// Anthracnose

With strong control of anthracnose, Densicor can help you manage this eyesore on your course.anthracnose

// Snow Mold

Densicor helps protect turfgrass against tough cool season diseases like snow mold and Microdochium patch. snow mold

// Gray Leaf Spot

A game changer in controlling gray leaf spot, Densicor allows you to treat more acres for less.gray leaf

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// Excellent Turf Safety

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With powerful disease control that won’t thin your turf, Densicor is safe for greens, fairways and tees in cool and warm season turf, allowing you to tackle the top five turf diseases and more across the course without worry.

// Ultra-Low Use Rate

In addition to its exceptional control of the top five turf diseases and remarkable safety for greens, fairways and tees, Densicor allows you to spray less product even as you cover more turf thanks to an ultra-low use rate (one bottle treats six acres — the average treatment for a 300-gallon sprayer).

Disease Use Rate (fl oz/A)*** Application Interval (days)
Anthracnose 8.5 14 - 21
Brown Patch
8.5 14 - 21
Dollar Spot
8.5 14 - 21
Fairy Ring
8.5 14 - 28
Grey Leaf Spot
8.5 14 - 21
Large Patch
8.5 14 - 28
Microdochium Patch
8.5 14 - 21
Mini-Ring 8.5 14 - 21
Spring Dead Spot
8.5 14 - 28
Summer Patch
8.5 14 - 28
Take-All Root Rot
8.5 14 - 28
***8.5 fl oz/A = 0.196 fl oz/1,000 sq ft.

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