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// Specticle® FLO // Tribute® Total // simazine

As one of the toughest weeds to control on warm season golf courses, Poa annua requires advance planning. Applying the PRE3 program in late fall provides proactive resistance management for maximum control of Poa annua across fairways and roughs all season long.

PRE3 is a tank mix of three sites of action (Specticle FLO + Tribute Total + simazine) applied in November/December.

// Delivers consistent control year after year based on university trials conducted across the Southeast U.S.

// Suggested by Envu for golf courses where Specticle FLO has been used alone for five or more years in a row

// Recommended approach by Envu and university turf weed scientists to limit herbicide resistance

poa annua untreated compared to treated

One of several trials from 2020-2021. Left image is an untreated plot with significant Poa annua breakthrough. Right image is a PRE3-treated plot with no Poa annua. (Picture was taken in March 2021 when the bermudagrass was still dormant.)

// Preemergence + Postemergence Control

When inconsistencies occur from variable soil temperatures, rainfall and weed seed germination, PRE3 provides “added insurance” as a dependable and consistent product in the fight against Poa annua.

// Excellent Long-term Control

One application in late fall (November/December) provides powerful control all season long.

// Tank Mixing Different Sites of Action Recommended

Recent university research has shown that tank-mixing herbicides with different sites of action is more effective at reducing the chance of resistance than rotating herbicides with different sites of action.

The application window for preemergence-only programs can be difficult to time perfectly due to weather and Poa annua’s broad germination window. However, a combined preemergence and postemergence program like PRE3 applied a little later controls young seedlings that have already germinated while also helping you get ahead of what has yet to germinate.

Typical Poa annua Germination

chart PRE3

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