Annual bluegrass weevil is an expanding problem

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Controlling annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) is tough. Multiple generations, insecticide resistance, and infestations expanding south and west are three reasons why superintendents must stay on top of this pest.

  • Multiple generations – two generations are typical in the Northeast, only one generation causes damage farther north, and up to four generations are typical in more southern regions. Pests with multiple generations per year are problematic because they develop resistance to insecticides faster, generate larger populations and more damage, and are difficult to control because multiple growth stages can be present at once
  • Complex life cycles – adults overwinter in surrounding wooded areas and move to turf in the spring, laying as many as 90 eggs (~2 to 3 per leaf sheath), with larvae causing primary damage to turf. Development is largely determined by temperature in microenvironments of the golf course causing asynchronous life stages over time
  • Control aimed at all stages – The two primary ABW treatment windows target overwintering adults in the spring (preventative) or larvae in late spring or summer (curative). Targeting spring adults can be difficult. Therefore, controlling first generation larvae is a must to limit future generations
  • Resistance to pyrethroids requires more applications - targeted for adults, pyrethroids were once effective but now resistant ABW populations are common throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic. Rotating several insecticides with different modes of action is required for maximum control of emerging adults, their offspring, and summer generations
  • Envu solutions:
    • Tetrino® – the latest insecticide from Envu is highly effective for controlling ABW larvae Tetrino also provides excellent long-term control of other damaging insects like white grubs, caterpillars, and bill bugs
    • Dylox® - provides quick knockdown and control of ABW and some suppression of adults. It is an effective rotational product with no documented cases of resistance in ABW  
    • Merit® - when targeted early before larvae hatch in the late spring can provide longer term control of ABW as well as white grubs 
  • More information – always refer to the label for specific recommendations and contact your Envu area sales manager if you need assistance.
pdf icon Golf solutions annual bluegrass weevil - cool season
pdf icon Lawn solution sheet - white grub - warm season

Later stage ABW larvae of annual bluegrass weevil under turf damage

Later stage larvae of annual bluegrass weevil (Envu)