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It’s a new day for the ornamentals industry. With our myriad of innovative products and solutions, all you have to do is focus on cultivating your business; we’ll handle the science. Together, we’ll grow something beautiful.

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Maximize foliar disease control on Botrytis and leaf spot

Broadform fungicide helps maximize foliar disease control on key pathogens including Botrytis, leaf spot, and dieback diseases with both knockdown and long-lasting residual protection.

  • Controls over 50 pathogens; such as Alternaria, anthracnose, leaf spots including black spot, rusts, powdery mildews, and Rhizoctonia diseases
  • Helps prevent dieback and tip blight diseases, such as Diplodia, Botryosphaeria, and Phomopsis
  • Labeled for use on greenhouse and nursery-grown ornamentals, including fruits, nuts and Christmas trees
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Control sucking insects without application timing restrictions

Altus is an innovative insecticide that gives you the flexibility and performance you need to treat all your greenhouse crops, even during bloom.

  • Controls many sucking pests including whiteflies, aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, psyllids and hard and soft scales
  • Can be applied at any stage of crop development, including before, during or after plant bloom
  • Compatible with many beneficials, including honey bees and bumble bees
  • Classified as a reduced risk product by the EPA
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Systemic and foliar control of difficult insects

Kontos provides highly-effective control of sucking pests with true systemic activity.

  • Foliar or drench control of many sucking pests including adelgids, aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, psyllids, scales, thrips and whiteflies
  • Up to 30 days of insect control
  • Ideal tool for use in IPM programs
  • Labeled for use on ornamentals, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, plus vegetable transplants
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Get long-lasting, preemergence weed control

Marengo is a selective, preemergence herbicide, that delivers long-lasting control on broadleaves, grasses and annual sedges.

  • No product lasts longer than Marengo, making it one of the least expensive program options for weed management based on cost per month per acre of control. See why
  • Up to 8 months of selective, preemergence weed control
  • Labeled for use on over 115 ornamental plants
  • Broad-spectrum control of over 70 different weeds
  • Effective on hard-to-control weeds such as eclipta, bittercress, groundsel, oxalis, marestail, spurge, crabgrass and annual bluegrass
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