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Product Overview

Damaging insects don't stand a chance.

Kontos provides highly-effective control of sucking pests with true systemic activity.

Key Benefits

  • Foliar or drench control of many sucking pests
  • True systemic movement in the plant xylem and the phloem, protecting existing and new plant tissue
  • Up to 30 days of insect control
  • Ideal tool for use in IPM programs
  • Rotational chemistry to minimize potential for insect resistance
  • For use in nurseries, greenhouses and interior plantscapes on ornamentals, vegetable transplants and non-bearing fruit and nut trees
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Where can Kontos be applied?

Kontos can be applied in nurseries, greenhouses and interiorscapes, to labeld ornamentals, labeled vegetable crops, and non-bearing fruit and nut trees.

Can Kontos be used on vegetable transplants? What about greenhouse-grown vegetables for food consumption?

Kontos is labeld for use as a drench on a wide range of vegetable transplants. It is not labeled for use on vegetables grown in greenhouses or outdoors for consumption.

What is the re-entry interval (REI) when using Kontos?

The REI is 24 hours unless used as a drench. When used as a drench workers can re-enter immediately after application.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when using Kontos?

Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes plus socks, chemical-resistant gloves and protective eye wear are required.

How long will the insecticidal effects last?

Kontos can provide up to 30 days of insect control.

Does Kontos move inside the plant?

Yes, it moves both up and down within the plant xylem and phloem. It also has translaminar activity passing through the leaf to protect both the upper and lower leaf surfaces.

Does Kontos effectively control mites and thrips?

For effective mite control, Kontos should be used as a preventative treatment. For thrips, Kontos works well on immature thrips and suppresses adults in tight spaces such as flowers and dense foliage canopies.

What is Kontos's impact on beneficial insects?

Kontos provides minimal risk to natural predators when used as directed.

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