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Product Overview

Savate provides excellent knockdown and residual control of all stages of mites and whiteflies.

Key Benefits

  • Effective on all life stages of mites and whiteflies, including eggs and immature stages.
  • Mite species controlled include:
    • Translaminar movement protects upper and lower leaf surfaces
    • Unique mode of action for rotation and resistance management
    • Minimal risk for many beneficial insect species when used as directed
    • Up to 30 days of residual control

Use & Control

  • Apply at 1-4 fl. oz./100 gal. of water for mites 
  • Apply at 2-4 fl. oz./100 gal. of water for whiteflies  
  • Savate is available in an 8-oz. bottle
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Where can Savate be applied?

Savate can be applied on nursery and greenhouse ornamentals.

Should I use and adjuvant or spreader with Savate?

An adjuvant may be used to improve coverage on hard to wet foliage. Be sure to test your adjuvant with Savate on a small number of plants to avoid phytotoxicity.

What is the re-entry interval (REI) when using Savate?

The REI for Savate is 12 hours.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when using Savate?

Coveralls over a shirt and short pants, shoes plus socks, and chemical-resistant gloves are required.

How quickly does it work?

Savate impacts the feeding/damaging capability of mites and whiteflies within 1-2 days. Death follows 4-10 days after application.

How long will the effects last?

Savate can provide up to 30 days of protection against mites and whiteflies.

Is Savate systemic in the plant?

No, spiromesifen is not systemic, but does readily pass through the leaf to protect both the upper and lower surfaces for enhanced residual control.

Does Savate have an impact on beneficial insects?

Savate is ideal for use in IPM programs since it has minimal risk for many beneficial insect species when used as directed.

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