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Product Overview

Indemnify® is a next-generation nematicide that controls key plant parasitic nematodes in turfgrass. It improves root growth and overall turfgrass health, translating to better playability with improved wear tolerance. Indemnify is safe on all turf types including bermudagrass, creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass. Indemnify is also approved for use on all golf course areas of play, along with sod farms, sport fields, residential, institutional, municipal, and commercial turfgrass areas.

Key Benefits

  • User-friendly packaging
  • Ease of application
  • No course closure during or following application
  • Extended residual control

Use & Control

Sting, root-knot, ring, Anguina pacificae, and has activity on many other key nematode species
Please see the product label for a full list of pests.

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What does Indemnify look like?

  • Indemnify is a liquid, soluble concentrate formulation that provides easy application as a foliar spray
  • The concentrated product is blue to enhance precise measurement by applicators; sprays clear and is non-staining

How is Indemnify packaged for sale?

  • A case contains four 17.1 fl. oz. Indemnify containers
  • One 17.1 fl. oz. container is enough to treat 1 acre at the high label rate
  • Indemnify’s small size helps to conserve valuable storage space needed by golf course superintendents

Where can Indemnify be applied?

  • On golf courses, applications can be made on all areas of play (greens, tees and fairways)
  • In addition to golf courses, applications can be made to sod farms, sport fields, residential, institutional, municipal, commercial and other turfgrass areas

What is the active ingredient?

  • Fluopyram is the active ingredient that represents a new mode of action for broad-spectrum control of nematodes
  • The chemical class is pyridinyl ethyl benzamide
  • Fluopyram is classified as a systemic which has acropetal movement, moving up and outward to untreated parts of the turfgrass plant with the flow of water

How quickly does Indemnify work?

  • The effect on nematodes is initially paralysis and this begins once the nematicide makes contact
  • In general, visual improvement to damaged turf occurs 4 weeks after application

How long will the effects last?

  • Effects of improved turfgrass quality can last between 2-6 months
  • The exact duration is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to, nematode species and turfgrass type

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