Options for Fall Poa annua Control in Warm-season Turf

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Mid-to-late fall is still prime time to control Poa annua in warm-season turf. Not only can effective control be achieved, herbicide mixes used at this time will go a long way to minimize the chances of resistance.

Why wait? Specticle® FLO applied in early fall has been exceptionally effective for many years, but waiting later to apply after significant Poa germination is observed using a PRE/POST tank-mix provides greater benefits including:

  • Wider window of application since annual bluegrass germination can vary from year to year
  • More flexibility due to variable fall/winter weather including:
    • Heavy rainfalls from tropical storms that could leach and degrade herbicides
    • Warm temperatures that could encourage annual bluegrass germination throughout the winter
    • Severe cold that could exaggerate winterkill
  • University research has shown that tank-mixing herbicides with different sites of action is more effective than rotating herbicides with different sites of action when weed resistance management is being considered

Highly effective Fall option - Envu’s PRE3 is a tank-mix of three herbicides (Specticle® FLO + Tribute® Total + simazine)

  • Designed to deliver consistent annual bluegrass control and reduce the likelihood of developing resistance
  • PRE3 applications are designed or be applied later than the traditional PRE-only applications in late summer
    • Single or split applications of PRE3 can be made starting in late-October or November based on your location, weather, amount of annual bluegrass germination, etc.
    • Rates, timings, and application intervals can also be based on weather and previous experience
  • PRE3 also controls problematic winter annual broadleaves and annual sedges

Other options:

  • RoundUp® could be rotated in the tank-mix for non-selective control on dormant fairways for another herbicide site of action
  • Glufosinate could also be rotated in the tank-mix for still another non-selective site of action

More information – always refer to the label for specific recommendations.Contact your Envu area sales manager if you need assistance

Envu's PRE3 tank-mix will control emerged Poa and other weeds, plus provide long-term residual control

Envu’s PRE3 tank-mix will control emerged Poa and other weeds, plus provide long-term residual control (Envu).

Rob Golembiewski

by Rob Golembiewski , Ph.D., Green Solutions Team Specialist

Monday, October 25, 2021

Todd Lowe

by Todd Lowe , Todd Lowe, M.S., Green Solutions Team

Monday, October 25, 2021