Don't Let Resistance Take Hold. Barricor St. Augustine Lawn Care Program

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Stay one step
ahead with the
COR3 program

Get outstanding control of southern chinch bugs, sod webworms and more with COR3.

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As a lawn care operator, you know that doing things the same way, although successful in the short term, can put you at risk of resistance down the road. Introducing the new COR3 program featuring Barricor® SP, Merit® and Tetrino®. It’s an all-new solution with two new products for lawn care that keeps you one step ahead and controls southern chinch bugs, sod webworms and more on St. Augustinegrass.

The innovative COR3 program delivers:

// Control of a broad range of pests, including:

// Southern chinch bugs
// Sod webworms
// Fall armyworms
// White grubs
// Billbugs

// Enhanced resistance management

// Up to 90% reduction in pyrethroid use compared to standard bifenthrin

// Lower active ingredient load while providing similar efficacy and affordability


// Stay ahead of the resistance.

Season-long southern chinch bug programs often include frequent applications of inexpensive bifenthrin, leading to resistance issues.

The COR3 program delivers the same principles of efficacy, affordable pricing and enhanced insecticide resistance as other programs while also controlling a host of other lawn insects at the same time.

COR3 also reduces up to 90% pyrethroid use by combining the strength of three outstanding products:

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Active ingredient (deltamethrin) - Type II IRAC Group 3A insecticide

// Distinctly different pyrethroid than commonly used Type I bifenthrin

// Solid particle formulation

// Increased bioavailability provides similar control with up to 90% reduction in pyrethroid use compared to bifenthrin

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Active ingredient (imidacloprid) - IRAC Group 4A insecticide and a cornerstone of current southern chinch bug programs

// When combined with Barricor, Merit helps provide longer residual and reduced pyrethroid use

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Active ingredient (tetraniliprole) - New anthranilic diamide IRAC Group 28 insecticide

// Reduces insecticide resistance when applied in a season-long program with other insecticides

// Controls other critical lawn pests including white grubs, billbugs and sod webworms

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