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Product Overview

Up Your Game Against White Grub and ABW

Tetrino is an innovative insecticide that offers fast-acting, season-long control of white grubs and annual bluegrass weevil (ABW). Featuring the active ingredient tetraniliprole, this game-changing technology also offers outstanding control of surface feeding caterpillars, billbugs, chinch bugs and more, working quickly for immediate cessation of insect feeding following exposure. With flexible use patterns and a broad-spectrum of activity, Tetrino is the perfect fit for any schedule, agronomic program, and budget.

Key Benefits

// Season-long control of white grubs with a single application

// Fast-acting systemic control of all ABW larval stages

// Flexible use rates and application timing to fit any agronomic program, allowing for a preventive or early curative approach

// Outstanding control of caterpillars, including fall armyworms, black cutworm, and sod webworm

// Affordable innovation enabling you to protect more acres across your course

Use & Control

Annual bluegrass weevil, white grubs, caterpillars, black cutworms, fall armyworms, sod webworms, billbugs, chinch bugs, Asiatic garden beetles, green June beetles, Japanese beetles, May/June beetles, oriental beetles, sugarcane beetles, European chafers, Northern masked chafer, Southern masked chafer and black turfgrass ataenius and aphodius.

See the product label for the full list of pests.

Golf Course Management
Two major pests. One great solution!
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Tetrino Lawn and Landscape
Lawn Care Management
Tetrino - One Complete Solution
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