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Interface Stressgard


Interface Stressgard

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Product Overview

Interface® Stressgard® delivers unsurpassed disease control, improved turf quality and flexibility. University trials have shown that Interface Stressgard delivers during tough times in spring, summer and fall. And its non-DMI (DeMethylation Inhibitor) chemistry makes it effective on key diseases while addressing resistance issues and turf-thinning concerns from DMIs. 

Key Benefits

  • Multiple modes-of-action to manage fungicide-resistant plant pathogens
  • Improves the plant’s natural abilities to fend off diseases and plant stress
  • Ideal for use on fairways and greens
  • Ideal tool for use in IPM programs
  • in IPM programs Includes Bayer Proprietary Stressgard Formulation Technology for enhanced turf quality and plant health improvements

Use & Control

Brown patch, Curvularia, dollar spot, fusarium blight, fusarium patch, gray snow mold, large patch, leaf spot, necrotic ring spot, pink patch, pink snow mold, rapid blight, red thread and rust 

Please see the product label for a full list of diseases.

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