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Mirage Stressgard


Mirage Stressgard

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Product Overview

Controls foliar and soil-borne fungal diseases and provides enhanced turf quality.

Mirage® Stressgard® provides control of major diseases affecting cool- and warm-season turfgrass. Tebuconazole powered by Stressgard Formulation Technology provides a great solution for tough diseases, while minimizing negative turf growth regulator effects on fairway-height turfgrasses that are seen with other DMI fungicides.

Key Benefits

  • Systemic disease control of tough-to-control foliar and soil-borne diseases
  • Broad-spectrum control of many basidiomycete and ascomycete diseases of turfgrass
  • Use at labeled rates in the spring, summer or fall results in greener, healthier and more dense fairway turf
  • Safe on cool-season turfgrass, even under summer stress
  • Convenient, flowable formulation
  • Easy to integrate into standard fairway management programs

Use & Control

Fairy ring, large patch, snow mold, anthracnose, brown patch and dollar spot 

Please see the product label for a full list of diseases.

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