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Product Overview

Proxy helps control growth of desirable cool-season grasses and suppresses seedheads of Poa annua and white clover. This product does not cause initial turf shock, phytotoxicity or post-application growth surge. Helps reduce labor and creates turf that is denser, tighter-knit and more playable.

Key Benefits

A Type II plant growth regulator

  • Regulates growth of desirable grasses in cool-season turf, especially roughs and tall grass
  • Provides seedhead suppression of both Poa annua and white clover
  • Less chance of phytotoxicity than with other regulators
  • Reduces labor by controlling growth around bunkers, green/tee complexes and other harder-to-mow areas

Use & Control

Reliable growth regulation throughout:
Bentgrass, bermudagrass, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall and fine fescue

Powerful seedhead suppression:
Poa annua, white clover

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