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Fiata Stressgard


Fiata Stressgard

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Product Overview

Easy to integrate into standard fairway management programs

Key Benefits

  • Improves turf color, quality and playability
  • Protects turf from diseases, environmental stressors and moisture
  • No application restrictions, even during extreme heat or cold
  • No use restrictions regarding maximum applications in a season
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that Fiata Stressgard is safe and easy to incorporate into existing growth regulation program

Use & Control

Pythium; may aid in the suppression of brown patch and anthracnose; can be combined with another fungicide for control of key diseases such as dollar spot


What is “Envu Fairway Solutions”?

Envu Fairway Solutions is a programmatic approach that controls the major diseases and also utilizes StressGard Formulation Technology (FT) to unlock the maximum health potential of your cool-season fairways. It can be easily integrated into existing 14-, 21- or 28-day fairway programs to provide plant health and disease solutions..

What products make up Envu Fairway Solutions?

The program incorporates existing Envu brands such as Tartan®, Interface®, 26GT® and Bayleton® FLO, as well as two new brands, Fiata StressGard and Mirage™ StressGard, for the control of key diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, summer patch and anthracnose. ProStar® WG and Banol® can be included as part of fairy ring and Pythium control programs, as well as Interface® for snow molds.

What are Fiata StressGard and Mirage StressGard?

These two new Envu products were designed specifically to improve fairway plant health and disease control using proven StressGard Formulation Technology. They have continually provided excellent disease control, turf quality and peace of mind.

What is Fiata StressGard and how should it best be used?

When used as part of a fairway program, Fiata StressGard will help turf retain high quality in periods of stress commonly experienced during midsummer. Fiata StressGard applied in a program approach will help stressed turf recover more quickly.

What can I expect using Fiata StressGard in a fairway plant health program?

Fiata StressGard, when used as part of a fairway program, will retain turf quality in periods of stress during the season. Fiata StressGard applied in a program approach will help stressed turf retain its natural recuperative ability

What diseases does Fiata StressGard control?

Fiata StressGard is labeled for suppression of Pythium and may also aid in the suppression of brown patch and anthracnose based on initial research findings. It is best used to promote plant health and should be combined with another fungicide for control of key diseases such as dollar spot. As a plant health promoter, it has no application restrictions, even during extreme heat or cold. Fiata StressGard has no use restrictions regarding maximum applications in a season; this means you have the flexibility to easily incorporate Fiata StressGard FT into your existing fairway program.

What is in Fiata StressGard?

Fiata StressGard, like all Envu StressGard FT products, is a unique combination of components that differentiates it from any other product. These components consist of StressGard Formulation Technology, proprietary inert ingredients, and an active ingredient for disease activity (phosphorus acid) that work together to provide a plant health solution.

Are Fiata StressGard, Mirage StressGard and the Envu Fairway Solutions Backed by Envu™?

Just like when customers use any Envu branded products, we guarantee your complete satisfaction when products are used according to label recommendations.

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